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YAGHMA B.V. is a Netherlands-based research consultancy focused on impact assessment of new technologies, strategies, and policies. YAGHMA’s mission is to accompany innovation, whether it is led by the private or the public sector, in ways that create trust and drive positive change for society.

YAGHMA strives to understand and describe the complex changes that the digital and green transitions are bringing about for our societies and environment by mindfully assessing, predicting, and monitoring the broader intentional and non-intentional impact of digital solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, innovative policies and other programmes that realize the potential of the digital and green transitions.

Some of the activities carried out by YAGHMA are: developing frameworks and tools to monitor the ethical, societal, legal, environmental and governance impact of technologies; monitoring technical innovation across social, ethical and environmental aspects in a mindful manner; and monitoring environmental sustainability and circular economy progress.

Role within READJUST

YAGHMA is the scientific coordinator and therefore responsible for providing a clear organisational framework, guidance, and support to enable a smooth workflow. Furthermore, YAGHMA leads the work package on the development of a policy tracker tool and an equality self-assessment tool to enable policy-makers to assess their policies against equality criteria.

Main contacts

Photo of Tristan De Wildt
Tristan De Wildt

Project Coordinator

Photo of Emad Yaghmaei
Emad Yaghmaei

Senior Consultant

Photo of Elena Sertore
Elena Sertore

Research Project Analyst