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Engage, Empower, Enable: Towards the Co-creation of policies

READJUST helps to increase the impact of equality enablers by gathering experiences and providing knowledge in an accessible manner. In the READJUST Observatory, policymakers receive access to a Policy Tracker Tool that contains a library of policy actions as well as a collection of best practices and an Equality Self-Assessment Tool to support policy and performance assessments against equality criteria.

Additionally, the READJUST Roadmap for Policy Action on Equality in Twin Transition (PAET) is created based on existing frameworks for evaluating policies related to the twin transitions and their impact on inequalities and vulnerabilities. In developing the policy roadmap, READJUST is providing:

  1. a deep understanding of the policies affecting inequalities and their logic,
  2. a comprehensive examination of the impacts of the implemented policies on inequalities and the validity of the policy logic in practice, and
  3. policy recommendations to address and mitigate the unintended, undesired consequences of the existing policies and potential negative consequences of twin transitions.

Finally, the READJUST Inequality Index for a Green and Digital Transition is based on a range of factors such as access to green and digital infrastructure, job opportunities in green and digital sectors, and the impact of the transitions on different communities. It identifies areas in which certain groups are disadvantaged. By using the Inequality Index, policymakers and stakeholders are enabled to better understand the detrimental impacts of the transitions on different groups within society. Thus, they may develop strategies to ensure that everyone has equal access to the benefits of the ensuing transformations. Ultimately, this can help to promote a more equitable and sustainable future for all.