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Policies driving green and digital transitions, the so-called twin transitions, are intended to level the playing field to achieve the European Growth Model1, attain the EU Green Deal2 and make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals3 a reality. Indeed, generating zero negative effects on the climate can be efficiently achievable by the twin green and digital transitions.

However, these policies have had unintended effects such as creating new inequalities and aggravating existing inequality gaps4. Social groups already at risk in the EU’s most vulnerable regions are primarily affected. Therefore, public authorities and policy makers at local, national and European levels need an evidence-based understanding of these inequalities and concrete ways to prevent and mitigate them.

The READJUST project strives to address the inequalities created or exacerbated by the twin transitions policies and aims to suggest policy options for overcoming the potential trade-offs between efficiency and equality in the twin transition in the key sectors of mobility and agri-food.

To implement this, the READJUST project follows a clear work plan divided into six interdependent work packages (WPs):

Explore the work packages in detail by clicking the boxes in the the diagram.
WP1InequalityoverviewIdentifyinequalitiesintwintransitionandtrackdrivingpoliciesaggravateexisting inequalitiesWP2READJUSTObservatoryWP3Co-CreationofPolicyMeasuresValidatingpolicymeasureswithincasestudiesWP4PolicyOptionsforEqualTwinTransitionPolicy Roadmap for Equality in Twin Transition (WP4)Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation (WP5)Project Management (WP6)(WP1-2)(WP3-4)FoodMobility
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2 Cf. European Commission (2024): The European Green Deal. Striving to be the first climate-neutral conti-nent, online available at: https://commission.europa.eu/strategy-and-policy/priorities-2019-2024/european-green-deal_en.
3 Cf. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Sustainable Development (2024): The 17 Goals, online available at: https://sdgs.un.org/goals.
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