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Mapping Inequalities and Democratising Evidence

Policies driving green and digital transitions, the so-called twin transitions, support the EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development goals – but they also lead to greater inequalities.

The main aim of the READJUST project is to track, assess, analyse and address a wide range of aspects of intended and unintended inequalities triggered by twin transitions policies, READJUST addresses the inequalities that are caused or aggravated by the twin transitions with a particular focus on the mobility and food-agricultural sector.

In detail, the following objectives are contributing to achieving this goal:

  • Providing an evidence-based understanding of inequalities related to the twin transitions
  • Developing a policy tracker tool to provide open access knowledge to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Developing concrete ways, such as strategic policy options and a self-assessment tool, to prevent and mitigate inequalities and support policy makers at local, national and European levels

Assessing the Legislative and Regulative State-of-Play

In analysing twin transition policies, the READJUST research team anticipates identifying factors that both promote and hinder equality, ultimately influencing the policy's impact.

To ensure a just transition, a deeper understanding of these equality enablers and inequality drivers, along with the affected groups, is crucial. This is a key outcome that the READJUST project aims to achieve.