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Solidar ABSL

SOLIDAR is a European network of Civil Society Organisations with a global reach working to advance social justice through a just transition in Europe and worldwide.

SOLIDAR’s over 50 member organisations are based in more than 25 countries and include national CSOs in Europe and abroad. Its greater family also entails partner organisations active at the international level as well as local organisations spread across more than 40 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

SOLIDAR represents and amplifies the voices and demands of its members and partners at the European and international level.
Tackling the ongoing climate and environmental crises at the same time as we fight social injustice and inequalities have been SOLIDAR’s main political priority since 2020 that is shaping its policy and advocacy work up to 2025. Together with its members and allies, SOLIDAR strives to advance social justice through a socially just green transition in Europe and beyond, putting people and the planet at the core of the political agenda.

Role within READJUST

SOLIDAR contributes to identifying inequalities in the twin transition, tracking policies that aggravate existing inequalities and reviewing the Vulnerability assessment and engagement strategy In WP4, it will contribute to mapping routes for policy change, organize a 'policy lab’ to co-produce policy advice, lead the organisation of the final policy lab and the policy labs reports, contribute to formulating policy options for equality in twin transitions and developing a policy action roadmap.

Main contacts

Photo of Barbara Caracciolo
Barbara Caracciolo

International cooperation and Sustainable Development coordinator

Photo of Lavinia Mazzei
Lavinia Mazzei

International cooperation policy officer

Photo of Giorgia Gusciglio
Giorgia Gusciglio

Communication and Membership officer