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Fraunhofer ISI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI) is a leading international institute for innovation research. Fraunhofer ISI researches the short- and long-term developments of innovation processes and the impacts of new technologies and services on society. Our expertise lies in a broad scientific competence as well as an interdisciplinary and systemic research approach.

For its clients, Fraunhofer ISI examines the scientific, economic, ecological, social, organizational, legal and political conditions that give rise to innovations and their subsequent effects. It uses scientifically substantiated analysis, evaluation and forecasting methods. Its assessments of the potentials and limitations of technical, organizational or institutional innovations help decision-makers from business, science and politics to set a strategic course and therefore support them in creating a favourable environment for innovation.

Role within READJUST

Fraunhofer ISI will be responsible for identifying inequalities in twin transitions in the agri-food and mobility sectors and analyse twin transitions policies (WP1). Furthermore, Fraunhofer ISI will lead the formulation of policy options and a Policy Roadmap on equality in twin transitions (WorkP4).

Main contacts

Photo of Maria Stadler
Maria Stadler

WP1 Lead

Photo of Stephanie Daimer
Stephanie Daimer

WP4 Lead