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EIT Food

Supported by the EU, EIT Food leads the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community. It creates connections right across the food system that stimulate new ideas and inventions to drive change. EIT Food operates through a Mission-led approach, which improves outcomes for people and the planet to followthree core missions:

  1. Healthier Lives Through Food

    • Improving product choice and supply for a balanced diet for people and planet
    • Diversifying protein choices for food products
    • Optimising the nutrient density of food.
  2. Net Zero Food System

    • Establishing regenerative agriculture as a commercially viable option in key value chain
    • Reducing food loss and waste
    • Growing the circular food economy through packaging and labelling.
  3. Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System

    • Improving sustainable and resilient food production practices
    • Improving urban integration of shorter supply chains
    • Investing in the growth of fair and resilient business models supporting food security.

Role within READJUST

EIT Food will assess inequalities in the food system using its Consumer Observatory and Education resources. The case study will examine inequalities in consumption as they relate to health impacts and the role of trust in mediating positive or negative health outcomes. It will also examine inequalities in primary production systems as they relate to technology adoption and the role of education in mediating the transition to sustainable farming systems.

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